Life is best lived on your terms

It's easy to fall into the trap of living on someone else's.  

Time to break free.  Time to get your mind, body and money right.  This two week online bootcamp will help you start living on your terms.  During this time, you will

  • Break any bad habits of where you spend your time, money and attention
  • Clarify and crystalize your goals, develop positive new daily practices, and kick start a healthy lifestyle
  • Start moving in the direction of the life you want by focusing on how you use your three most valuable resources
Meal being cooked
Woman cooking lunch

Set goals.  Practice gratitude and affirmations.  Audit your time

Mother with son baking

Exercise on a daily basis. Bring your diet into alignment with your priorities

Couple making dinner

Master your cash flow.  Develop a budget.  Get a handle on your finances

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